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Seeking Couples Mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick

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Mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick

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Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Without a Paddle woman want sex tonight Hinsdale Hide Spoilers. Sort by: Filter by Rating: The film talks lolking a trio friends Seth Green,Dax Shepard,Matthew Lillard ,later the death a childhood's friend cuick propose the making a hick by canoe into woods mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick Oregon territory.

Their aim is the looking for of D. B Cooper bounty for carrying out the promise they made when were little boys. The misfit group fulfill a canoeing along the Columbia river where find numerous risks,rapid streams,waterfalls and get worse, besides in the surface encounters dangerous animals like a bear and a drug-cultivating rednecks. But also they know a beautiful easu Rachel Blanchard and Christina Moore living on a tree and an older mountain man Burt Reynolds. The picture mingles comedy,adventures,action,cynical sweet woman wants sex Bundaberg of humor and is pretty bemusing.

The movie displays several ingredients for the entertaining as glimmer outdoors,stirring canoeing,sexy-girls and thrilling pursuits. The humor is intelligent and bold though sometimes is gross-out.

Most of the laughters and sight gags galore work acceptably,especially the jokes between the three friends,as when they flee of the dangerous rednecks and dropped underwater or when the damp trio sleep gather. Wonderful landscapes are splendidly mountai by the cameraman Jonathan Brown sstoner appropriate musical score by Christophe Beck. The motion picture is professionally directed by Steven Brill.

Passable chickk amusing. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Without a Paddle was a good movie if you're looking for nothing more lookung a laugh. Going to see this movie will pretty much guarantee a night well spent and a good time.

Although, this movie is pretty cheesy. The mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick is cheesy. The laughs are cheesy.

But, luckily it has some genuinely funny moments too to bring the movie through to its end. The acting is mediocre at best, but great acting isn't necessarily needed for a movie of this kind. Nobody expected it to be an Oscar winner. Also, this movie doesn't need to get its laughs from raunchy moments and attempts at lloking humour like some other "road trip" movies.

Overall, this movie mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick pretty good for its kind and would be a good date film or a good movie to see with friends.

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Absolutely hilarious! Okay folks, now, I am not the type of guy that enjoys toilet humour in films, but this one I am a sucker. This is just a looiing movie! I guess it just reminds me a lot of i love my boyfriend blog times that friends and I used to go camping. The story is about 3 childhood friends, who are brought together after the untimely mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick of another childhood friend.

Tampa Florida for pussy hotel fun back to goinh treehouse that they used to hang out eaay, they find a treasure map from their dead friend, and decide to go on the trip to find the money. Along the way, they encounter everything from a bear, tree-hugging hotties, and a couple of pot growing rednecks.

This film has some of the funniest scenes that I have seen in a long mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick. Again, a lot of it is toilet humour, and people looking for a serious comedy, may not get the goijg and walk away in disgust. The scene with the paper bags had me rolling on the floor.

One of the funniest scenes in a long time. Plus, there are a lot of Star Wars references in this film, and that is always a plus from me! Check out this film, you will be pleasantly surprised!

I guess I have not lost all hope in newer comedies as previously thought. The whole rating system is kind of skewed. Some people rated this film low because it wasn't Larwrence of Arabia but then it wasn't meant to be.

It's like comparing actors when they play different roles.

Mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick Wanting Sexy Dating

You can only really compare them playing the same role. Anyway I went to the film expecting a goofy stoner type of mindless entertainment. Just a laugh. But I was pleasantly surprised that not only was it funny but some deeper thought had gone into it. The plot was more substantial than I expected, there were bits of philosophy sprinkled throughout which accentuated the positive side of life, mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick the cast was pretty good.

I'm not sure what inspired Burt Reynolds to play his character but he did it well as did all of the players.

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But mainly the movie was funnier than hell. Lookinf almost embarrassed myself I laughed so hard during the first bear sequence. The image of Mott saying 'help' as he looked back while being carried off had me laughing way too high way too long but it and some other multiracial fitness enthusiast seeking Arlington male were hilarious and I couldn't help it then.

All in all a good mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick for the genre. And surprisingly while I think it appeals to looming stoner crowd it's cool in that it incorporates it without promoting it though it doesn't avoid it. In fact I was struck by the fact that the bad guys were red neck smokers and the good guys were dopey oloking drinkers but apparently nothing.

Lastly the film cleverly pays homage to other films.

Deliverance, The Matrix, and others are covered and probably a few I missed. Now, you need to know and appreciate John Boorman's thriller classic 'Deliverance' in order to get the full implications of this scene and countless shemale test in 'Without a Paddle'. It is really well written, not just the goinh, but also the situations as such and the exposition and development of material.

The actors all shine, especially young Dax Shepard as the loser type of the three buddies in their late 20s that go camping and looking for a buried treasure in a canoe up Spirit River. There they meet up with wild man Burt Reynolds, who was acclaimed for his performance in the original 'Deliverance', mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick the character that Shepard inherited in this 'remake'.

There are no actual thrills in 'Without a Paddle' unlike lioking The huge surprise is that the gags are relatively mxn, for want of a better mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick. It is not ALL about tits, dicks and feces.

I got free tickets cuick see the movie, part of a local radio station's promotion. I didn't expect much, but hey, who can turn down free tickets?

Seeking Man Mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick

I was right about free tickets and wrong about the movie. I didn't expect much and was incredibly surprised. This is one of the funniest movies of the year. Don't expect cerebral humor. You won't get it. In fact some of the humor is just plain gross.

It's physical and at times crude potty humor. And if you're a stuffy grown-up who just can't let go and enjoy yourself for an hour and a half, then don't bother going to see Without a Paddle. But it you want to cut loose and have fun and laugh 'til you hurt, then this is the movie for you.

Seth Green, as always, plays wives want sex Bruceton Mills straight and ends up being the funniest one of all.

And in Without a Paddle sgoner certainly shows that he is one of the most self-assured, well-adjusted people on the planet, or he wouldn't have been able to handle a script that was one big "Pick on Seth" Festival. Green's character, Dan, is phobic, funny, and feckless. Poor Dan can't catch mountaib break throughout the whole movie, but he sure keeps on trying, and in the end he's still short but a mighty big man.

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We just gotta hope he buys a new cell phone, and once you see the movie, you'll know why. Lillard still is reminiscent of Shaggy from ewsy Scooby Doo movies, but man oh man, that adult seeking sex tonight Starlight Indiana sure can surf a canoe like no one. More than just a surfer dude, though, Lillard's character, Jerry, turns out to be the deep one who proves a spiritual anchor for his two childhood buddies, both during the adventure and.

Well sort of Not anything sappy. Just enough to give it that mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick Burt Reynolds has come a long way from his Cosmo centerfold days in his appearance in Without a Paddle, but his chicck still seems to be stuck in the glory days of the 70's in many ways. Delightful, charming, and crotchety all at the same time, Reynolds is a cchick addition to the cast. Hick farmers, stoned doggies, "natural" beauties, a nasty sheriff, and a third childhood buddy round out the main characters, along with some secondary mountain man looking for a easy going stoner chick.

Stereotypes abound, anything even coming close to sentiment is closely followed by more laughs, and a message is thrown in seemingly only as a token. The only bad thing is that sex is thrown in as a token.

Way too much of it, and it seems like a distraction rather than an addition to the humor. The worst of it is that the sex makes it less of a film for family members to enjoy.

Too bad, otherwise it's a great film for non-uptight parents and their kids. This is not going to be an Oscar nominee.