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Purple ribbon american bully

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In a nutshell, Purple Ribbon simply means that a certain family of dogs have been bred to a certain high performance standard.

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But greed has destroyed all of. People with money as their primary agenda, took it upon themselves purple ribbon american bully start sneaking puppies from other non PR litters into PR litters. The result was that sloppy dogs with shady backgrounds began emerging with more frequency in PR litters.

These vagrant dogs then began enjoying all of the benefits of the prestige that comes with the PR elite dogs. Thus began a trend that purple ribbon american bully taken over the Bully world today.

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The rank of bylly a Purple Ribbon dog will never be the same and before long will have no meaning at all. Continue reading.

Join This Is Bully. UKC will automatically add the letters 'PR' to the beginning of the dog's registered name and the 'PR' will not count toward the 30 characters and purple ribbon american bully limitation for the allowable length of the dog's registered.

Purple ribbon american bully

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Are you still boasting that you dog is from Purple Ribbon stock? Well you need to stop!

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That is only going to look and sound important to the novice. If you look closely, you would see that the purple ribbon rating PR on the pedigree of American Bullies and Exotics, no longer carries any purple ribbon american bully.

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This was bound to happen sooner or later. Unscrupulous breeders from generations and years ago started mixing the dogs, the end result could have only mean eventually degradation of those bully breeds.

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What Does Purple Ribbon Mean? E-mail me when people leave their comments — Follow.

You need to be a member of This Is Bully to add comments! Comments Elite Guardian Presa August 27, at 7: This reply was deleted. Please check your browser settings or fibbon your system administrator.